Aozora Bank Under the Leadership of Brian F Prince

Brian F PrinceAozora Bank Limited has now become one of the biggest banks in Japan, to date. It is currently led by its CEO Brian F Prince; a well-known man for his success in the in the field of banking, marketing, and finance in a macro facet. While Aozora Bank is continuously progressing with 21 branches; 2 overseas and 19 within Japan, it has also been through a lot of struggles in the past. Furthermore, the theme of the bank “Aiming for a Blue Sky” is definitely something it has been able to successfully grasp for with the great services it has been offering, making it one of the largest banks not only in Japan, but also throughout the globe.

The Beginning of Aozora Bank

Did you know the Aozora Bank happens to be the successor of Nippon Credit Bank, founded in the year 1957? Well, you must be wondering what happened to NCB. It was rather a bad ending for the said bank. During that year, it was under licensed alongside with the Japan’s Long Term Credit Bank or LTCB, with assets all based on the Bank of Joseon. In the month of December in the year 1998 , NCB was taken under the control of the government due to the great amount of debt it was sunk into from the devastating crash of assets in Japan during the early part of the 90’s. It was carrying over 270 billion yen of debt. Later on, NCB was spared by Soft Bank, which was eventually renamed as Aozora in the 2001; marking the beginning of prosperous years ahead.

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Great Contributions of Brian F Prince

In the year 2008, Aozora Bank has been under the leadership of Brian F Prince. With his great expertise, he was able to maximize the operations of the Japan based banking firm by utilizing all of the possible services it could offer. The entire team was able to give a clear demonstration with their ongoing consistency and commitment towards solidifying the core businesses; producing great financial outcomes. In a year’s time, Aozora was reported to have been successful in its attempt to consolidate 46 billion yen of net income. That is actually 41 percent of progression compared to the year prior to that. In order to stabilized the bank to its most, Prince plans for the continuance of strengthening three key points: capital efficiency, strategic opportunities and business franchise. Aozora is also involved with stock investments, catering a variety of stocks coming from the greatest brands. That way, investors will gain security for the money that they put up for the stocks, which in turn will give them great annual returns.

Though Aozora is now in settled in stable grounds with its great accomplishments,Brian F Prince is still on the lookout for better ways to improve the processes of the Japanese banking company. With efficient use of all the corporate resources under Aozora, it should not take long before the rise of a new system for a better risk management will be formulated. Nevertheless, CEO Prince has truly proven himself worthy as a leader of one the greatest banking firms in Japan.