Taking Charge of Your Personal Injury Claim

Personal injury claims are designed specifically to assist people who have become injured as a result of negligence on someone else’s behalf. This negligence can take many forms, from poor signage in a mall regarding a wet floor to an automobile accident where someone did something that caused others harm – regardless of the manifestation, when someone is negligent, it can have disastrous effects on the health and lives of other people. The claims to which we refer here, personal injury claims, are sought typically to pay the medical bills that are incurred as a result of injuries, supplementations for lost wages and compensation for the suffering and inconvenience that have occurred as a result of the injury. In the US alone every year in excess of 10 million lawsuits of this nature are filed but the reality is that they are not all met with successful ends for the victims.

Personal injury claims
In the cases where these lawsuits have not met with success, the victim often finds themselves not only shouldering the weight of their medical bills on their own but also even having to pay the lawyer fees for the guilty party. This may seem unfair and to be honest, it is but this is the risk into which you enter when filing a personal injury claim. Are there things you can do to secure a successful and beneficial outcome? Certainly! We’ve shared a couple of these things with you below and hopefully with them you will be able to take charge of your personal injury claim:

  1. Glen Lerner Injury Attorneys are a stellar example of the kind of firm you will want to hire when it comes to filing a personal injury claim. You’re not going to be looking for all flash and no substance – you want a firm that not only specializes in the issues you are having but one with a successful record to boot. Many times, people are malicious and even lawyers are too so on top of dealing with an injury you don’t want to deal with a lawyer who is a conman. How do you find out if your firm is legitimate? You do your research! Call and ask to speak with a lawyer there and find out what the firm’s success rate is. Compare what they tell you to information you will then source on your own. The internet is an invaluable tool for conducting research and will help you find the statistics and reputation of your chosen firm easily. Another good way to find out how good your chosen firm is, is by contacting the bar association. They will have records of any wrong-doings by the firms or their lawyers and will provide this information to you.
  2. Choose your method of communication precisely. Wherever possible get things written and keep originals. Guilty parties love to dispute and refute that they ever said certain things or promised certain things and they bank on the fact that you have no evidence of any utterances made to you. You can choose to communicate either via email or by traditional post and if you have a meeting with anyone, make sure that there is a witness present or that you only meet with your respective lawyers.